It is symbolic that Jesus Christ performed one of his first miracles in his earthly life at a Marriage at Cana. By this act , the Lord our God has emphasised the importance of the holy matrimony in our lives. Marriage is the beginning of a wonderful journey which has no end...........And it is for this reason that we at Cana Matrimony leave no stone unturned to ensure that a perfect match is made based on the wisdom provided to our team by the holy spirit and the prayers of all our network partners and well-wishers spread across India and the world.They say that marriages are made in Heaven and we believe in this adage very much, therefore all members of this website have the liberty and freedom to have a complete tour of our enormous database. Once they have identified their suitable partner, we have a team who will also give valuable marriage counselling and take you through the steps before you walk down the aisle for your vows.

The Cana team wishes you a eternal married life filled with togetherness and love forever and ever.

Management Team

Maria Sheetal M D'Souza: Founder, Director

Matrimonial website is Ms. Maria Sheetal M D'souza's baby, born out of a vision and dream to see this world a happy place for the future generation. And she firmly believes that this world can be happy and balanced if families have an environment of peace, harmony, love and togetherness, wherein the husband and wife along with the children pursue their individual dreams in a harmonious settings.And the first step towards a harmonious surrounding in a family is to have a strong foundation in marriage.


Ms. Sheetal who understands human psychology and a qualified management graduate in human resources, also brings to the table over ten years of a successful marriage partnership with her doting hubby Dr. Moses C D'souza and two wonderful, witty and talented boys. Ms. Sheetal is of course supported by a talented team who firmly believe in the same ideology which drives Cana matrimonial to change lives and make this world a better place to live in God Bless and happy married life forever!